My interests include Image processing (in particular compressed sensing and sparse regressions), Re-inforcement learning, Machine Learning and optimization. Along with image processing, I am also interested in CUDA Programming and optimization.


  • Performance Bounds for Tractable Poisson Denoisers with Principled Parameter Tuning Chinmay Talegaonkar, Ajit Rajwade GlobalSIP 2018 (oral presentation, short paper)

Bachelor’s Thesis

  • Phase Retrieval for Clipped and Poisson Corrupted measurements
    (under guidance of Prof. Ajit Rajwade)
    IIT Bombay (Aug. 2018-Ongoing)

Research Projects

  • Optimal bidding in Day-Ahead Power markets
    (under guidance of Prof. Anupama Kowli)
    IIT Bombay (Aug. 2018-Ongoing)

Other project descriptions are yet to be updated. Have a look at my CV for an overview of my other research projects.