I am Chinmay Talegaonkar, a first year masters student in the department of ECE at UCLA. My Research interests broadly span the realm of unsupervised learning, Physics based learning with applications in Computer Vision, Re-inforcement learning and robotics. Currently I am working with Prof. Achuta Kadambi in the Visual Machines Group. In parallel (pun intended) CUDA Programming and optimization also interests me. I am interested in pursuing research that leads the foundation of deployable intelligent perception systems equipped with the knowledge (physics and semantics) of the environment.

I recently completed my Bachelor’s in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay in 2019. My Bachelor’s thesis was supervised by Prof. Ajit Rajwade. We worked on Phase Retrieval methods for Poisson corrupted saturated fourier measurements. In the summer break of 2017, I worked with Prof. Dirk Kroese on parallelizing Monte Carlo simulations using CUDA followed by an internship at NVidia, Bangalore in summer 2018, where I worked on optimizing Capsule Networks and DBscan (a clustering algorithm). My work at NVidia on DBscan was used for their GPU based data science platform rapids.ai. I will also be interning at NVidia in Santa Clara this summer with their fast kernels team.

I enjoy writing poetry and a bit of stand-up comedy (cracking bad puns mostly), scenic photography, playing guitar and travelling in my leisure time.