My name is Chinmay Talegaonkar, and I am a first year graduate student in the department of ECE at UCLA. Currently I am a part of the Visual Machines Group at UCLA, exploring the field of physics based learning.

To get an insight on my professional life so far, you can have a look at my CV and google scholar.

I blog every now and then compiling my personal experiences. Feel free to read a bit more about me!


  • April. 2020: Awared the prestigious GuruKrupa Fellowship for Graduate Students at UCLA
  • April. 2020: Visual Physics accepted as a poster to ICCP 2020!. Program Link
  • April. 2020: TA for Reinforcement Learning at UCLA (ECE 239 AS)
  • Feb. 2020: Accepted an internship offer at NVIDIA for summer 2020
  • Jan. 2020: TA for UCLA CS 35 L (Software Construction Lab)
  • June. 2019: Selected as a participant to attend the South East Asia Machine Learning Summer School (SEAML) in Indonesia from July 8-12
  • May. 2019: C. Talegaonkar P. Khirwadkar and A. Rajwade* “Compressive sensing under Poisson Noise”*, accepted to ICIP 2019
  • April. 2019: Slides for my talk “Imaging the Invisible”, on the image of supermassive blackhole obtained by the EHT project
  • Feb. 2019: Submitted a paper on “Compressive Phase Retrieval under Poisson noise” with P. Khirwadkar and A. Rajwade to ICIP 2019
  • Sep. 2018: C. Talegaonkar and A. Rajwade* “Performance Bounds for Tractable Poisson Denoisers with Principled Parameter Tuning”*, accepted to GlobalSIP 2018 for oral presentation
  • Jul. 2018: Successfully completed an Internship at NVidia, Bangalore