COVID-19 Quarantine brought out the raconteur inside me. SOmeone very close to me wanted to hear a bedtime story, so I came up with this on spot. Unexpectedly it turned out be a really cute story! For the uninitated, this is Pusheen (the cutest, fattest and warmest cat in the world) saying hi to you.

Once upon a time, there was a big chubby Pusheen. That Pusheen lived in Switzerland. Switzerland is a cold country, but this Pusheen had a nice Blue hoodie to keep it warm. Marked by his Blue hoodie, they called him Blue Pusheen. One fine afternoon, Blue Pusheen was strutting about the streets of Zurich in merriment. After a while, it started feeling hungry. Blue Pusheen looked around, and saw an antique chocolate shop, The Coco Pusheen Lindt Shop.

It was a very popular shop a few years ago, but then all Pusheens got bored of the same old squarish lindt chocolates. The shop was empty as usual. Blue Pusheen went in, thinking it could get some chocolates. Blue Pusheen meowed to see if anyone was there who could give it some chocolates. No one responded. Blue Pusheen was feeling very hungry, so it started eating the chocolates. It liked them so much that it couldn’t stop eating, and ate up all the chocolates in the store. Blue Pusheen now felt too full and dozed off in the store.

Coco Pusheen, the owner of that shop returned after lunch. Coco Pusheen was devastated to see that all chocolates were gone. Coco Pusheen started crying (Pusheens are very sensitive, cute and chubby creatures). Coco Pusheen heard a light snoring voice coming from a corner, and was surprised to see Blue Pusheen napping there comfortably, with its face covered in chocolate. Pushing back his tears, Coco pusheen poked him with softly with a stick and demanded his money for the chocolate - a full 1000 euros.

It was now Blue Pusheen’s turn to cry and he began pleading for an alternative. Obliging, Coco Pusheen asked blue Pusheen to work for him and make all the chocolate he had eaten. Blue Pusheen set to work at once and made all the chocolate he had eaten - but in fancy Pusheen shapes. While Coco Pusheen was annoyed at this first, the new shape soon became a hit with Coco Pusheen’s lost customers and Blue Pusheen became a rich Pusheen. Blue Pusheen and Coco Pusheen then parted on good terms. Blue Pusheen decided to migrate to United States to open his own chocolate shop.

One fine afternoon many years later, not dissimilar to that same fateful afternoon in Zurich, blue Pusheen came back to its shop in New York, after its usual lunch and siesta (as Pusheens need a lot of sleep). And lo and behold - it found its shop empty and another pusheen napping on the floor with its face covered in chocolate. Blue Pusheen then proceeded to poke him and asked for the payment - a full 1000 dollars. On pleading ignorance, Blue Pusheen set the thief pusheen to work instead. That evening, Blue Pusheen called up Coco Pusheen excitedly to share this amazing coincidence. On hearing this, Coco Pusheen only laughed and cryptically said - “Did you never wonder how I came about to open this shop here?” And then just as cryptically, he ended the call.